Moving to Puerto Vallarta

Retire in Puerto Vallarta and Start Living the Dream!

Thinking of moving to Puerto Vallarta? Find out what you can expect when you move to this
tropical paradise!

In recent decades, Mexico has become a popular retirement hotspot because it offers people
from the U.S. and Canada a tropical lifestyle at a lower cost of living than the southeastern states. In addition, many cities in Mexico, such as Puerto Vallarta, also offer the modern conveniences many have come to expect and depend on.

Puerto Vallarta, or PV to the locals, is a world-class destination that offers stunning beaches, fine dining options, a vibrant nightlife, and many charming shops and cafes. Of course, the warm Mexican hospitality also makes this region of the world a great place to call home!

Here are just a handful of reasons Puerto Vallarta, Mexico makes a wonderful place to retire to:


PV is just a short flight from many of the major cities in the United States and Canada. This accessibility is great for the retiree as well as for friends and family that come for a visit!


Unlike some other tropical destinations around the world, PV is affordable to those on a fixed income. You do NOT have to be a millionaire to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle because your money will go further when spending pesos. Many retirees living in PV enjoy the services of housekeepers, gardeners, while also dining out a few nights a week and getting weekly massages.

In addition, private health insurance is more affordable than up north, and residents have
access to state-of-the-art hospitals and other healthcare facilities. With all of the money you’ll save living here, you’ll be able to take up some new hobbies and travel around the world!

Gorgeous Year-round Weather

Much of the year the climate in PV is sublime. This allows retirees to stay active, which means they can stay strong and fit as they age!

These really are only a handful of benefits to retiring in PV. Want to know other reasons to move here? Just get in touch with us!

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