Meet the Team

Todd Bates was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and proceeded to enter university in Hamilton, Ontario, at McMaster University and after completing his Bachelor of Arts degree, went to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, for a second Bachelor of Arts degree.

But he was searching for something more in his life and traveled to Whistler, British Columbia to visit friends from his University days and decided to pursue a life there. After owning and operating his 2 successful businesses in Whistler for 12 years, he met his now former wife on a trip to Puerto Vallarta and decided that would be his new home in Paradise.

Both Todd’s mother and ex-mother-in-law have properties in Puerto Vallarta, so he understands the needs and expectations of the foreign purchaser, as well as a Mexican purchaser. Growing up around real estate in Toronto, as Todd’s mother and brother ran a very successful real estate company in Toronto, he fully understands the work needed to be successful.

“Living here full-time has been an incredible challenge and opportunity and I am so fortunate to be able to live where people only think of vacationing”, Todd has said.

He continues to upgrade his real estate knowledge through continuous training in the multi-faceted business that the buying and selling of real estate in Puerto Vallarta to ensure that his clients receive the most professional representation possible.

He lives by the motto of “Treat this person as you would treat your mother and always expect more of yourself”.

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Grace Ramirez - Puerto Vallarta RealtorGrace Ramirez was born and raised in Key Biscayne, Florida, six minutes from Miami. She arrived in Mexico in 1991 with her international corporate success, multi-lingual skills and the dream of forming her family.

After all her years in Vallarta, since 1995, and having worked the real estate market she is able to offer her clients an in-depth knowledge of the area relative to their needs and dreams. She joined the RE/MAX team with an intensity of energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. Her determination assures that she will attend to all of her client’s requirements in their search for the perfect home and their complete satisfaction.

Driven by success and a committed passion for her family, she has raised her daughter (and puppies) in what she considers paradise. She even sold her brother on moving and starting his family here as well.

As an avid golfer she has achieved a single digit handicap status in golf and looks forward every year to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Golf Tournament. She avidly participates in all Golf Fore Life events. She has been inspired by all the natural beauty that surrounds us and expresses herself through her photography. Her charismatic personality, her passion for life and all the people that surround her are the secret to her success in real estate and life.

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Monica GarciaMonica was born in Mexico City and has lived in Puerto Vallarta for 14 years. Since childhood Monica has always been very creative. Even today crafts and decor are her passion. She also loves to dance and go to the cinema.

Monica is an animal lover, especially cats. Christmas is her favorite time of year.

“Lucky and blessed,” is how Monica feels about her family. Monica’s mother is her best friend and she knows that she can count on her dad for anything. Monica has a loving husband of 28 years and two children; a handsome young man of 26 years and a beautiful young lady of 22 years. Monica’s soul is her family and friends, they are the reason and engine that drive her everyday.

With the passage of the years, but especially this last year, I have learned that I must live my life as if it were the last day, and try to enjoy everything around me, to express my love for the people that I love and give thanks for all the good blessings that come into my life everyday because of all; I’ve learned something.

Contact Monica: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) | 322 101 0622(Cell) or by Email





Dana L. Scapa - Estate Agent / A.M.P.I. MemberVoted Best Real Estate Agent 2018 and 2019 – The Best of Banderas Bay & Riviera Nayarit Reader’s Choice Awards

Dana is a Los Angeles native who started her real estate career in the San Fernando Valley. After a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, she fell in love with the town and decided to make Puerto Vallarta her home.

With an M.B.A. in Nonprofit Management, Dana was a professional fundraiser until she refocused her career on the real estate world. It is of utmost importance to Dana in both areas to conduct herself in a gracious, professional, and ethical manner. Dana has three adult children living in the Los Angeles area and parents residing right here in Puerto Vallarta. She is tri-lingual, speaking English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Dana is a current AMPI Realtor and CA licensee. She is a dedicated agent fully committed to her clients’ best interests. Whether representing a buyer or a seller, Dana has the energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to take clients through the listing or purchase process right to the closing table making the experience easy and rewarding.

Dana enjoys devoting her time and talent to worthy charitable efforts here in the bay, such as, Corazon De Niña’s, Pacitos de Luz, Becas Vallarta, Vallarta Botanical Gardens and Puerto Vallarta Navy League among others. You can also catch Dana on HGTV’s “Mexico Life” sharing her real estate passion and expertise!

Contact Dana: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) | 322-147-3459 (Cell) or by Email


Warren Brander - Sales Executive / A.M.P.I. MemberWarren is originally from Toronto, Canada and bought his first place in Puerto Vallarta in 2009. He and his partner, Greg, and their two children, Justin and Tianna, happily said goodbye to the cold north and fully embraced their new lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta.

Having made the transition to Mexico with a young family, Warren is very knowledgeable of the process of moving here from a foreign country and getting children enrolled in schools and how to set up all the services a family needs here in paradise.

Warren has a degree in Business Administration and has held many senior roles in the banking and Information Technology industries in Canada. This experience is extremely beneficial in the real estate industry here in the Puerto Vallarta area. When discussing financing a purchase, or how best to market your place in the ever-changing high tech world or negotiating a great deal, Warren’s experience comes quickly into play. Warren’s first love has always been the real estate world. He was an avid investor in real estate in Canada, buying, renovating and selling numerous homes. His knowledge of what makes a great investment and the ability to see the potential in a home is invaluable.

A self-acknowledged workaholic, Warren truly goes above and beyond to negotiate the best deals for his clients.

His expert knowledge of the different areas in town, market values and keen negotiation experience has served his clients well in this market.

If you’re looking for a realtor in Puerto Vallarta that is knowledgeable, caring, and makes the entire transaction fun and stress-free, give Warren a call today.

Contact Warren: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) | 322 200 2253 (Cell) or by Email


Gerard Allard - Sales Executive / A.M.P.I. MemberGerard Allard grew up on a farm in Western Canada where he learned the basic concepts of mechanics, construction and that a strong work ethic, trust and integrity are the key to any relationship. He brought these solid core characteristics to a twenty five year career as a police officer in Canada where he developed and refined observation skills and negotiating techniques that are needed for success in any career.

In 2012 Gerard took these same characteristics and skills to his Real Estate career where he aggressively places his client’s needs ahead of all other considerations and has successfully negotiated numerous transactions. He has always believed that what you offer is more important than what you take.

With a strong knowledge of the Mexican market he can help you find your piece of heaven in our little paradise we call Puerto Vallarta and area. If you are thinking to purchasing or marketing your property please contact Gerard as he is ready to fight for you, protect your interest and give your 100% loyalty to your Real Estate needs.

Keep in mind that Gerard can assist individuals who need to communicate in their French language.

Contact Gerard: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) | 322 149 2045 (Cell) or by Email


Andrea Thompson - Sales Executive / A.M.P.I. MemberRemax Destiny in Puerto Vallarta is proud to introduce Andrea Thompson as a Sales Associate.

After a successful career in entertainment and journalist with CBS News and CNN, Andrea felt it was time to shake up her life.

Since real estate has always been a passion, she began her third career in Real Estate in LA 15 years ago.

Possessing a special talent for finding valuable properties with tremendous potential, Andrea enjoys few things more than exploring unique properties for her clients.

She is committed to delivering exceptional service that exceeds her clients’ expectations.

Although she enjoys many outdoor activities in Mexico, Andrea’s true passion is her work and finding the perfect property for each and every one of her clients. Andrea can be reached at [email protected] or at 1-818-751-9671.

Contact Todd: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) or by Email


Ray Smith - Sales Executive / A.M.P.I. MemberRay Smith started in real estate over 30 years ago and loves working with both home buyers and sellers.

He is a Canadian best-selling author; his first book was a Real Estate guide for first time home buyers. His writing now focuses on the science fiction genre with a series titled, Shifts in Time, available on Amazon.

Ray is a graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, with a Bachelor degree in economics. He is an ex-military financial officer, and entrepreneur.

Ray has been living in Puerto Vallarta for the last 8 years and loves to travel.

Contact Ray: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) | 322 199 6417 (Cell) or by Email


Melina Uribe - Sales Executive / A.M.P.I. MemberMelina was born in Veracruz, México, but didn’t stay there long as her father was a Colonel in the Mexican Military Cavalry. Growing up her family moved to a new city each year. Melina is married and they are blessed with 9 year old twin daughters.

Once receiving her degree in Tourism Business Management from the Univa University in 2002, Melina took a leap of faith and moved to Puerto Vallarta to begin her career in the tourism industry within guest services and condominium administration. Melina discovered how fascinating is to work with and help foreigners when they come to live in a different country. This is what lead Melina to real estate.

In real estate, Melina’s main priority is to ensure that her clients feel that México is their home. Melina honest hard working and an excellent communicator. She is always willing to explain every detail of how the process of selling and buying a home in México works, and also gives her full attention to each and every part of the real estate transaction. Melina is a believer in continuing education as she strives to be the best real estate agent in the market. Knowledge is power.

Contact Todd: 322-221-0111(Office) | 888-796-6606(Toll-Free) | 322 156 3737 (Cell) or by Email